Merrell Tour de Wakatipu

TdW Event Details

An event set in the stunning Wakatipu with autumn leaves turning to gold. It attracts elite and sports riders from all of the South Island and beyond, but also your everyday peddler and whole families with whiz kids as young as 11 years old.

It is also varied, and provides two lengths to adequately suit different ability and skills level.


ENTRY FEE: NZ$80 per person
. . . . . . . . . . NZ$50 Junior (19 years and under).
. . . . . . . . . . Download a Entry Form
Scan entry form and email to or post to PO Box 410
Queenstown with cheque for entry fee.

. . . . . . . . . . $200 FAMILY PASS (2 adults, 2 children under 14yrs old)
. . . . . . . . . . Download a Family Entry Form Online

Online entry is now closed but you can enter on the day.

Entries close online on the Thursday 24th March 2016 @ 2100
There are limited entries on the day, with a late fee.

Recreational: for racers who wish to have a good fun ride. 24kms
Sport: For racers who wish a longer challenge, and a decent ride. 36kms
Elite: for the fast and furious, No age group in elite 45kms

Age Groups
Junior 14 - 19yrs ............Open 20 - 39yrs ............Veteran 40 - 49yrs
Master 50 - 59yrs ...........Master + 60 - 69yrs ...........Master 2 70 -79yrs
Age on race day


Competitor Information


A full briefing sheet and other information will be sent to entrants

Race Rules - click here


Race Packs / Transponder pick up
Located at Millbrook Resort, registration will take place on race day Saturday 267th March 2016. Your race pack will contain your race number, cable ties, transponders and promotional material from sponsors.
The number must be attached to the front of your bike for the event.

Race Pack Pickup Times . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Race Briefings    
7.45 - 8.15 for elite . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8.45 for Elite and Sport
8.00 - 8.30 for sport
8.30 - 9.30 for recreational . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10.00 for Recreational

Bike Start times    
0900 for Elite and Sport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . in waves with 10 mn intervals
10.15 for Recreational . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . in waves with 15 mn intervals


Securely attach the transponder following the instructions. If you lose your transponder there will be a $30 replacement charge. Please also notify event staff at the finish line. Your transponder will be removed by volunteers
at the finish line. If you eave the finish area without them removing it please come back and hand it in, it is your responsibility that it is returned!

Prize giving will be held at the finish line at Morven Ferry, all welcome.  A band will entertain until prize-giving and food, coffee and wine will be available.

For Sport and Elite, from approx 12.30am and for Recreational cyclist, from approximately 4.30pm.

Please note all first place getters will receive a prize. 2nd place getters will also receive a prize, provided there are 7 individuals in their category, similarly the 3rd place getters will also receive a prize provided there are 10 individuals in their category. All placegetters will be invited to come to the podium.

 Spot Prizes
All competitors are eligible for spot prizes. Check our tent to see if you have won a Spot Prize and simply collect it.
Millbrook: Traffic Marshal's will be in place to direct vehicles. Please obey their instructions. If required all day parking will be available. Absolutely no cycling  or warm-ups on the public roads adjacent to the Millbrook is permitted before the event.
Morven Ferry Road: It is a narrow road down to the river but there is space for passing carefully.

Return from Morven Ferry - by bike or private car. We don't have a transport system back to Millbrook.

It is only a short flat 8kms back to Millbrook. Please ensure you have a sober driver with you if you choose to drink alcohol. Also be mindful if you are driving ensure you only consume a moderate amount  of alcohol and eat plenty of food while you are drinking. Be sensible in this regard. We do not advocate drink driving.


Course Details

Starting in the Millbrook area competitors will descend via the Queenstown Trails to Speargrass Flat Rd, ascend Slope Hill Road, descend via lower Shotover Rd and Domain Rd onto the scenic single track that follows the true left bank of the Shotover River. 

Continue on the true left bank and then follow the Kawarau River - riding several areas of 'unknown trails' to the finish on the banks of the Kawarau river at the bottom of Morven Ferry Road with wine, bbq and band

Full details below.

COURSE INFORMATION IN DETAIL (see below or click thru to pdf here.
Course Map including start and finish line

The route will be marked as required with tour de wakatipu signage
The event will be run primarily on the Queeenstown Trails Track but also on public roads.

There are unmarked hazards on this course. Potholes, rocks, stock, rutted tracks, steep descents are all part of what is required to be negotiated by the competitor. During the event the gates will be marshalled, but participants must watch for stock.
Please do not leave any rubbish along the route. all food wrappers and rubbish must be carried to the finish and not discarded anywhere along the route.

The event will run primarily on the Queenstown Trail, but also on public roads and Shotover riverside tracks.

The start and registration and coffee cart will be at the 'Cricket Ground', corner of Lake Hayes and Malaghan Road.  We will pass under the start banners and ride along parallel to Malaghan Rd inside the fence on the grass, turn left at the Millbrook gate and ride down through the avenue of trees and right into a road leading to West Millbrook.  Once the lead car with flashing lights reaches 'industrial Millbrook' it will pull aside to let the race begin.

A left turn followed by a slight climb through a ‘chicane’ and across onto the track. Onto a single lane downhill track with tricky tightening corners. You will use the brakes but not technical. A SLOW sign means just that - slow down.

Across Speargrass Flat Road - controlled by a STOP GO for the cars and along 50 metres or so on Speargrass Rd. We will use the new track before coming back onto Slopehill Rd, followed by the climb and then descent down the other side.  Elite and Sport Riders turn left and go down Rutherford Road, then go around Lake Hayes clockwise, before coming back up Rutherford Road to rejoin Slopehill Rd.

A sharp left turn onto Lower Shotover Rd and then later a right into Domain Rd, then left onto a 'shingle track' downhill (carefully) and onto the trail along the Shotover River before a climb up and under the old bridge.

Follow the trail onto Old School Road and then continue on the Queenstown Trail. Follow the trail along the bank of the Shotover and then the Kawarau. Several ‘trail diversions’ will take you off the main trail onto ‘unexplored single track riverside trails’

Across Billies Bridge we strike the first hill on the trail. It’s only a short climb before a fast descent into another ‘off-trail’ river flat section. Once back on the trail the Thompson Hill rises in front. A steady climb with the steepest section near the top.

Across the top several zig zags lead onto a descending section and the junction of Morven Ferry Hill. Turn right and 2.2kms will see you under the finish line banner (beware the last section is steeper downhill on 4 * 4 road.

The Finish 

The timed finish will be under the 'finish banner' as you enter the environments of the Kawarau river flats. A hard right hand corner will lead to the timing and ceremonial finish. Drift across the ‘ceremonial’ finish line to a stop a few meters later to take off those transponders.

Direction arrows - all changes of direction have a arrow or marshall

2016 course tour de wakatipu