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Womens Bike Run Tri 28th Feb 2015

Womens Bike Run Tri 28th Feb 2015

2015 womens Bike Run Tri

Back in 2015 stronger than ever.

2013 Results now posted!

Go to our results page and download the 2013 Fresh Choice Womens Bike Run Tri!

Keen cyclist.

if anyone is looking for a cyclist to join them I would love to hear from them. We have a keen cyclist. Contact us.
3/09/2015 11:45:00 a.m.
Bridget Lewers, Credit: geoff

Full set of Results

28/02/2015 8:55:26 p.m.
The full set of results for the Configure Express Bike Run Tri are on results page, for overall and ...

Photos of the 2015 Configure Express

28/02/2015 6:00:27 p.m.
Photos of the Configure Express Bike Run Tri are on Flickr ...

All women Welcome at friendly Triathlon

16/02/2015 10:44:43 a.m.
Start training girls, the annual Configure Express Womens Bike Run Tri is just a few weeks away....

About Configure Express

5/02/2015 10:27:26 a.m.
This is a 'Gym just for Women'. We are a Women's gym passionate about Women's Health and Wel...

Womens Tri date set

4/11/2014 9:31:53 a.m.
Mark the calendars - the Womens Bike Run Tri is all go for 2015. The date is 28th Feb The locati...

Women’s Bike Run Tri 2014

18/02/2014 4:51:20 p.m.
Last year the Women’s Bike Run Tri was 21 years old. That is a true milestone for any event, but as ...